DAO1 is reliant on modern technology to offer the most desirable services in our Decentralized Economy. With the help of human interaction, artificial intelligence (AI) assists our decisions and our community will be able to make prudent but smart decisions about where to invest funds. This feature empowers the community to invest in respectable coins or tokens. The AI Advisory automatically provides the investor with guidance on the most reasonable projects to invest in for maximum benefits. Our automated advisory offering promotes a system that maximizes profit and diminishes risk. DAO1 offers a platform with a seamless configuration and it is designed for all kinds of investors and risk profiles.

A user-friendly user experience will be an important factor that will determine the success of this feature. The Hybrid Advisory platform will allow community members to easily access a wealth of information, starting from being able to coordinate trading strategies with fellow community members according to their level of trading expertise. Traders will be able to provide fundamental analysis, technical analysis and suggestions based on the level of investment risk that a community member has selected on the platform. Community members can interact with the DAO1 knowledge centre to keep up with news in the crypto space and general market news, which will ensure that every community member can make smart investment decisions to maximize returns and minimize risk.

The artificial intelligence protocol employed throughout the platform, coupled with community member expertise, will set up traders for success. Community members will be able to select some pre-defined funds which will be proposed by the platform, according to the level of risk a trader has selected. The risk levels will be low, medium, high and adventurous, which will allow traders to select pre-defined allocations in the top cryptocurrencies, as well as build their own funds according to their risk appetite. Community members will be able to create their own funds, allocating cryptocurrencies of their choice to funds at any time. The pre-defined investment funds proposed by the DAO1 platform or any funds built by community members will carry ongoing charges and these will be payable when buying and selling positions in the funds. We will update community members that the charges are prior to the release of this functionality on the DAO1 platform.

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