The DAO1 Crypto Venture & Startup Fund will include a Crypto Startup Fund and a Venture Startup Fund. The Crypto Startup Fund will be a portfolio supporting investments with any coin of choice in various funds that come with an attractive APY. As part of the Venture Startup Fund, there will be multiple funds to choose from based on personal preferences. DAO1 will apply for an applicable license in the relevant conducive jurisdiction to boost the confidence of community members.

The Crypto Venture & Startup Fund will be a fully licensed platform, and the DAO1 fund will eliminate barriers to entry and promote community members’ inclusivity at all levels of expertise. Financial inclusivity is at the heart of our fund strategy. DAO1 wants to be fully inclusive from an investment perspective, and community members will be able to invest in the Crypto & Venture Startup Fund with just $100. The platform will greatly improve user exposure to the highest quality projects, and this feature is unique as it is not being offered by anyone else in the cryptocurrency space.

The Venture Startup Fund will allow community members to select their risk level tolerance, similarly to the Hybrid Advisory feature. It will offer a user-friendly panel to allow community members to review all the opportunities, risks, and threats involved with investing in any project they select for investment. As part of the fund, there will be multiple combinations of funds available to community members based on the level of risk. The Crypto Startup Fund and Venture Startup Fund on the DAO1 platform will carry an all-inclusive costing structure comprising an ongoing fund maintenance cost, as well as costs for transacting in and out of both funds.

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