What we propose at DAO1 is a truly decentralized autonomous organization. Our team is acting on behalf of the community and we do not act as a central authority. The team does not make management decisions regarding DAO1. We have opted for a fully decentralized approach, leaving governing power entirely in the hands of the DAO1 community.

Francesco Dell'Aga2ta Operations Advisor @ DAO1

Leo G

Chief Strategist

Focused on developing, deploying, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives for DAO1.

Adrian Head of Partnerships @ DAO1

Adrian N.

Head of Partnerships

Extensive experience over 20 years building companies, coupled with a solid background in sales, marketing and business development. Focused on building and nurturing key strategic partnerships.

sei Akenten Parker Bernard Head of COmmunity @ DAO1

Osei B.

Head of Community

Experienced content creator with a passion for blockchain. Focused on building high-quality digital content and an inclusive, open and honest DAO1 community.


Mahboob @ DAO1

Mahboob I

Blockchain Full Stack Engineer

Mahboob holds more than a decade of development and entrepreneurial experience in diverse fields. Loves open source and social enterprises.

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